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Customer Reviews

This company saved my bacon

This company saved my bacon. My regular distributors were jacking up prices during the lockdown – these guys were fair with pricing, had ample stock and product quality was excellent. Will be buying from them on a regular basis from now on


Great company, with great products

Great company, with great products. I love the consistency of packaging and quality that goes into these products. My customers love it!


Easy ordering. Fast delivery

Wow! What great people to work with! Easy ordering. Fast delivery. Product is consistent and professionally packaged. A+++


Miishkosh Extracts

Miishkosh is the Ojibwe term for weed or cannabis. is the distributor for cannabis products serving first nations dispensaries across Canada.
Our distribution and quality control is based at Aboriginal Alternative Health Centre and deliver across Canada.
Our products are based on a holistic approach of medicine from the earth, sun, rain.
It is our belief that the products are a gift of the earth for healing.
The products are produced to reflect the highest quality in every batch.
We are constantly working to provide new products for your stores and welcome any suggestions.